So are you new to Newport then?

Yeah, my family and I just moved here.

Well then welcome. How are you liking it so far?



Kiwi? Is that what you’re calling him from now on? But yes! Then maybe like Kai and Tristan could be Luke and Michael and we could be the whole band! Violet suggested Harry and Zayn but I think you’re right. We’d look more like Calum amd Ashton.


Yes..My drug haze came up with that very creative nickname. You could be the whole band oh my god! You are the whole band..But I still don’t know if Jasper and Tristan get along..

Wow, your drug haze is so clever. I know right?! They don’t which is another flaw in this plan but I will figure it out somehow.



I haven’t watched any of them so I don’t know.

Well, if you ever do, only bother with the first one. The second is shit and I’m sure the third is gonna be stupid, too.

Thanks for the warning. If I do, I’ll only watch the first.



Since it’ll be officially October tomorrow, it’s time to start thinking of Halloween costumes and I have no idea what I should dress up as.


Be a banana?!

That would be funny but then I’d be waddling around in my costume all night.